Why Not DIY?

Painting your home on your own is possible. However that doesn’t mean it’s a cost-effective project for you to take on.

You’ll still have all of the paint costs and you’ll likely need to hire help unless you can take two weeks off work or happen to have a group of friends that wants to help paint your home. That’s an additional cost, and in most places you’re looking at $15 to $20 per hour for that type of labor.

You also don’t have the tools that the painting company has. Renting a power washer could cost you $100 and buying miscellaneous tools that would be provided by the painting company – buckets, trowels, brushes, etc. – can easily run you a few hundred dollars.

When you really crunch the numbers doing the job yourself very well may not be worth it.

Hiring a painting company can boost the value of your home and make it much nicer for you to live in. If you do ever decide to sell potential buyers also like hearing that your home was painted by professionals for peace of mind.

When it’s time to paint inside or outside, hiring a professional painter is usually the right choice.

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