Painting is one of those projects that you either love or hate.

I absolutely love to paint! I started at a very young age working with my Father which eventually led to painting our family home, then moving to other family and friends. I began my painting career in 1999, interning with an extremely talented, and well established, painting contractor in Muncie. This eventually led to receiving numerous referrals and many repeat customers who wanted my specialized high end work.

My part-time painting continued over a span of 16 years completing every aspects of interior painting stemming from specialty paints, textures, custom accent walls, trim, paneling, floors, and ceilings to completing major and minor wall repairs. My passion for painting and talent took a big turn in early 2015 as job requests were coming quicker than they ever had before. I knew this was a sign to take my plans to build a premier painting company to the next level.

There is a real need for “personal painters” and that’s just what we are doing. We have a very stringent hiring process which gives us a crew that is the finest in the industry and one that bring each job a high level of talent. There are many single painters out there, and painting companies in this market who prefer to do what I call “slap and go” painting. That’s okay. Instead, my company is one that is extremely professional with a lot of detail and perfection with every job. We do not just paint to paint, but go one step further to assure the customer understands the process and any concerns that may need addressed.

We paint like it’s our own home or business, and I am on-site at every job to assure the customer receives perfection. It’s important that our customers understand what we are doing, what we recommend and why. As a female owner business, we can bring a logical as well as emotional element to each project.

Equally important is our trust factor. Our customers should never be afraid to leave us alone in their home or business as protecting personal property is extremely important in regards to who we are. Abram’s Painting is East Central Indiana’s most premier painting company, and one that you would gladly refer to your friends and family without any worries. We are not the biggest painting company around, just the finest.

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