Three Painting Tips For No-Fail, Kid-Proof Walls

The list of things that need to be done to ensure that your home is a safe, kid-friendly environment may seem endless. So much so that it can be easy to forget about child-proofing your home’s largest surface, your walls. A few thoughtful choices at the beginning, including using the best paint colors for families, can make all the difference in ensuring that the walls of your home are not only safe, but durable and beautiful as well.

Kid-Friendly Paint- If you’re looking to child-proof your walls consider these painting tips and start with the right wall paint. Choose a high quality, washable, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint in a semi-gloss finish. This will ensure that when your little artists decide to use your walls as their coloring book, your cleanup is easy and your will be a little less. If you’re too busy with your little ones, consider giving Abram’s Painting a call, our team of professional painters can have the job done quicker than your kids can spill grape juice… well, almost.

Clean Colors- Let’s face it, kids’ hands aren’t always the cleanest and as they walk through every room they have a tendency to leave their marks, literally. Consider choosing paint colors that are a few shades darker and that don’t appear dirty so quickly, especially in high traffic areas like hallways or stairwells. Pure white may not be the best paint choice for a busy family; consider using a gray or beige as a neutral to keep the appearance of messy fingerprints at bay.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em– Instead of constantly trying to keep your kids hands-off your walls, consider adding chalkboard paint to a section of your kitchen or dining room so that your children have a wall-space of their own where play is appropriate. If you do not feel like painting directly on the wall, create a chalkboard for your kid by painting a thin board with chalkboard paint and securing it in a frame. This will not only add style to your kid-friendly walls, but keep some of the chalk dust off your floors.

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