Easy Drywall Repairs

drywallholePerfect paint jobs start with clean, smooth walls. But the odds are, if your home has been lived in by real live people, your drywall has a smattering of imperfections, even holes. Whether from fixtures or furniture moving mishaps, drywall holes happen to even the most careful homeowners. If it’s a small repair, and you don’t want to call Abrams Interior Painting, here are a few tips that will make repairing your drywall easy and have your paint colors looking great in no time.

Before you grab a putty knife and spackle, you need to consider the size of the hole you are repairing. You want to ensure stability in your walls and the larger your drywall damage, the sturdier you want your repair to be.

Small holes are the quickest fix and can be re-covered in your favorite paint colors in less than an hour. First, clean the hole with a small blade knife, then fill the hole with painter’s putty, making sure it is even with the surface of the wall. When it is dry, sand it smooth and then spackle over the area using a putty knife. Repeat these steps until you are happy with your surface and then cover with your wall paint.

Medium holes happen when fixtures are removed or wiring is redone behind the wall. This fix will need a drywall patch. First, sand the area around the hole until smooth and then apply the patch by peeling off the paper backing. Press it in place firmly with the mesh facing outwards. Then spread drywall compound over your patch, making sure to feather your edges; this will make your wall paint blend seamlessly. When the compound is dry, gently sand it smooth, repeating the previous steps until the patch grid is no longer visible. It is a good idea to cover it with primer before painting.

Large holes are the most intimidating to fix, but fear not, it is not as hard as you think. First, cut a square around your hole using a utility knife so that the size is even and easy to measure and repair. Then, using a piece of 1×1 wood, create a stud behind the square you just cut using drywall screws. Now, cut a piece of drywall the size of your hole and screw it into the backing stud you just installed. It doesn’t need to be perfect, because you will be filling the gaps with drywall tape and smoothing over it with drywall joint compound. When your compound is dry, sand smooth, wipe clean and apply your interior paint.

If you are dealing with textured walls, be sure to use a drywall repair template to match your wall texture so that when you apply your interior paint, there is no visual difference.

We encourage you to research these methods further, either online or by calling Abrams Interior Painting at 765-717-1641. If you are not feeling up to drywall repair, give us a call. Our experienced team of professional painters would love to consult with you on repairing your walls and covering them in fresh wall paint, leaving you to love their blemish free beauty for years to come.

Parts of this article came from https://www.williamsprofessionalpainting.com/blog/2015/easy-drywall-repair-for-perfect-paint-jobs/

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