Can popcorn ceilings be painted? 

popcornceilingThe answer is yes and no.  If the ceiling has been previously painted, and the popcorn is what we call “tight”, then there is a good chance it can be repainted with care.  If it has never been painted, the popcorn is very old,  then there is a chance it may come off when attempting to paint and must be removed.  Either way, it’s worth the effort to try verses removing which can be extremely time consuming and expensive if you want a new decorative texture.

When painting popcorn, use a light weight, bright white flat ceiling paint and a 3/4 “ nap roller.  Apply a medium amount of paint on your roller.  Roll down and then back on the same area just one time.  You do not want to over roll resulting is “soaking” the popcorn or there is good chance it will come off.   Move to the next area do the same.  If some does roll off then stop, and leave that area alone. Clean the roller of all debris and move to another area.  Once the entire ceiling is painted, you can go back and repair the area(s) where the popcorn rolled off by using Zinsser Popcorn Ceiling Patch (follow instructions).  Let the patched area (s) dry 48 hours then gently roll paint the area with the same ceiling paint and roller. If you find yourself rolling many areas off,  then you will need to remove all the popcorn from the ceiling.

For any questions or concerns in regard to popcorn ceiling, call the experts at Abrams Interior Painting.  Our advice is always free.

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