DIY Painting

Pilot Program Background and Description

The purpose of DIY Painting Muncie Indiana, is to assist and teach home owners or NFP organizations with limited financial means, who possess some painting skills, how to paint the interior or small exterior areas of their property or NFP business.

Pilot Project Scope

Limited to interior or small exterior painting; DIY services will be provided:

  • M-F 8a-4pm, and Saturday 9a-noon.
  • Winner will receive up to 3 full hours of advice, coaching and painting assistance.
  • One award will be given per month.
  • Winner will be given a certification of accomplishment by Abram’s Painting as passing all qualifications as a “DIY Painting Expert.”

Award Requirements & Rules

  1. Proof of Household annual income of $50k or less.
  2. Proof of Home-Ownership or Not-For-Profit Status.
  3. Passing a painting skills questionnaire and personal interview.
  4. Awards made through a monthly drawing.
  5. Color(s) choice(s) determined prior to all work.
  6. Able to provide the following paint supplies:
    1. All paint needed
    2. 2 paint tray liners,
    3. 1 roll of painter’s blue tape,
    4. 2 paint roller covers
    5. 2 clean 5-gallon paint buckets.
    6. All other supplies will be provided including but not limited to ladders, drop cloths, and paint brushes.
  7. The 3-hour service will be given during a 3-hour session. Abram’s Painting reserves the right to end the session early if the job is completed ahead of time, for business emergencies or personal conflicts.
  8. Painting height is limited to 15’ or less.
  9. Abram’s Painting is held harmless to any accidents or injuries.
  10. No guarantees of service or outcome.


Email your application to or call (765) 717-1641 for phone application. (DOWNLOAD APPLICATION)