Paint Finishes

We are often asked, what kind of paint finish, or sheen, should I use when painting the interior walls of my home or business?  The answer depends on what walls you plan to paint and the condition of the surface.

A degree of gloss is useful in creating a nice finish, while adding protection to the wall.  For ceilings, we recommend using a flat finish in bright white so any ceiling imperfections are not reflected from the ceiling lights. Water based, flat paint is relatively easy to use as long as you cover all surface areas well. It does not require a lot of skill for a beautiful look. Small areas can be gently washed off, then touched up should you discover small stain. Round-shaped water stains should first be painted with a stain blocker before painting the entire ceiling. If the water stain comes through the paint again, then we recommend you consult a plumber or roofer to determine the cause of the leak.

Eggshell finish has a slight amount of sheen just above flat paint, and is also a popular finish.  However, our first choice is the rich look of the satin finish. Interior satin has less sheen than semi-gloss, and is perfect for all interior walls with the exception of the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.

Satin provides a stunning sheen that is durable and washable. Painting with Satin requires a fair amount of skill so the entire surface blends nicely without seeing lines on the wall.

We always recommend using semi-gloss in your kitchen, bath and laundry room.  Why?  Because these walls need extra protection against moisture, humidity, grease, splashing water, soaps, sprays, etc. Semi-gloss provides a durable washable surface and barrier in these highly used areas. This finish also requires skill so be sure to consult with a qualified painter before painting so the overall finish is exactly perfect.  Abrams Interior Painting is available anytime to help you tackle your interior walls.

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